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Michele T.


Michele says: “My before photo is me at 286 lbs and the after was at 166 lbs. Did this happen fast or without struggles NO. While I do have slip ups here and there, I don’t let it derail me like it used to. Before I would say screw it and either binge all day if I slipped up or turn that day into a whole week which turned into a month or more. I lost and gained and lost and gained and it wasn’t until I got into these groups that I FINALLY found what I needed, support, and have stayed consistent with my goals and fitness.”


Erika Kogler



“I was feeling pretty blah. I was tired, overweight and needed a change. I still remember the day this picture was taken. My girl friend posted it on Facebook and tagged me – I was so embarrassed and disgusted I could not get myself to approve it for the world/ my Facebook friends to see! That’s when I decided I needed to start doing something for me! I haven’t looked back since! I have lost over 80 lbs and countless inches! I have gone from a Size 16 to a size 2! I am proud of myself for sticking with this without stopping. With the support of these Challenge groups and my Coach I was able to stick to something that worked!


She is a busy mom of a toddler, works 3 jobs, and is also helping to support her parents. She has a condition called PCOS that makes it very difficult to lose weight.

Here is what she has to say:


Tiffany C.

Tiffany has a large family, works a full time stressful job, and has been caretaker of her parents as they are at the end of life. On top of all that she had to have knee surgery. She has had it rough, but like me not giving up on herself anymore!

What is included?

1-on-1 Individual support

  • Goal planning Series with Worksheets (By Email)
  • Weekly Live Q&As in VIP Community on Facebook & Individual Monthly Calls 
  • Unlimited email or Facebook messages with me

Tangible Tools for Success

  • Nutrition Plan 
  • One daily meal taken care of! (Quick, Easy, Nutritious)
  • New Meal plans each month (Emailed)
  • A workout plan based on your goals, fitness level, and preferences with modifications. When completed (or if it isn’t working) we will review and devise a new plan.            Like I said this is based on YOU!

Extra Motivation & Support

  • A monthly private virtual VIP Support Facebook group with access to personal trainers, nutrition specialists, nurses, physical therapists to provide you with tips, tricks, support, accountability, and fun that has been proven  successful each month for my clients. 
  • Weekly/Monthly prize incentives for participation (and personal ones from me when achieving milestones).
  • A private app to log your workouts & track your progress. 
  • PDF fitness journal to record your progress on paper.


  • Unlimited access to 35+ fitness programs, a cooking show, yoga studio, meal planning database, plus all future releases for a year.
  • 7-piece portion control container set, bonus nutrition guide, large blue container & shaker cup ((So NO Counting Calories!!))


You won’t find this with a personal trainer, a nutritionist, or a gym membership without costing hundreds of dollars per month.

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The picture on the left I really had to be talked into taking! My coach said you need to do this or you will regret it later. 

I hated the way I had let myself go. I was so self conscious and unhappy with how I felt and this wasn’t even my highest weight.  
I didn’t want to live my life feeling that way. I knew I was worth MORE! 

So, let me ask you something…
Are you where I was in the picture on the left? Struggling with weight and eating clean? Using excuses to not workout and put yourself as a priority? Not in your Family photos? You have the power to make changes RIGHT NOW! All you have to do is DECIDE! Choose YOU! I will help you with the rest. 


If all I did was help you avoid negative self talk, would it be worth it?

If all I did was help you avoid feeling too overwhelmed to start, would it be worth it?

If all I did was help you avoid wasting your time trying to figure out what to do would it be worth it?

If all I did was help you avoid falling off your plan, would it be worth it?

What if you got results that last??

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